Black Cherry Juice

Black cherry juice - a natural remedy for gout?How can something as simple as black cherry juice benefit your health?

The color of a black cherry is made up of pigments called anthocyanins. Lab tests have shown that these anthocyanins can potentially be effective against health issues such as gout, arthritis, diabetes, neurological diseases and even cancer. Additionally, they may prevent high blood pressure, promote cardiovascular health, and help you sleep better at night by increasing your levels of melatonin. Recently, studies have shown that melatonin also has the potential to suppress conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Why Black Cherry Juice?

The anti-inflammatory properties of anthocyanins make it an obvious choice when treating gout or arthritis. Both gout and arthritis can cause painful swelling in the joints, and a daily regimen of black cherry juice can help to relieve these symptoms.  Some people have reported that after taking black cherry juice daily, and once their symptoms subsided they were able to reduce their intake to just a tablespoon or so on a monthly basis. Of course that may not be enough for everybody, but it shows you the powerful potential of this simple treatment.

Black cherry juice can also lower the level of uric acid found in your body. Elevated levels of uric acid are the underlying cause of gout. This uric acid can crystallize in your joints, causing the intense pain often associated with gout. Anthocyanins not only help to relieve the pain and swelling, but break down the crystallized acid and help to lower your overall uric acid level. In addition to a proper diet, black cherry juice is an effective treatment for gout.

The question often asked is “how many black cherries do I need to eat?”. Of course, there’s no correct answer since every person has different needs and bodies. But a safe answer would probably be “a lot”! It’s easier and more economical to drink a glass or two of black cherry juice every day. You can also buy black cherry juice extract or black cherry juice concentrate, further reducing the amount you need to take.

What else? Cherries are fat free, sodium free and high in vitamins like C, E and B6. Cherries are also a natural antioxidant.

We’ll leave you with a fun fact: The anthocyanins in black cherries is also found in the leaves of many trees, and are responsible for the beautiful red and orange colors we see in autumn. As the days get shorter, there is less sunlight available and the levels of green chlorophyll are lowered. What’s left behind are the beautiful colors of the pigments called anthocyanins .. the same stuff that makes black cherry juice so beneficial to us!